Lincoln County Assessor's Office

Debbie Larson, Assessor
Our goals are to provide good public service to the Property Owners in Lincoln County and to generate fair and equitable property assessments.

Frequently Requested Documents

Documents that are frequently requested can be downloaded below:
Change of Address Form
Release of Statement of Consideration Form
Affidavit for Agricultural Classification
State Board of Equalization Rules
Dept. of Revenue Chapter 9 Rules
Top Ten Taxpayers (2016)
Top Ten Taxpayers (2017)
2017 Mill Levy Report
Personal Property Rendition Form

Office & Business Hours

Lincoln County Courthouse Photo
925 Sage Avenue, Suite 104
Kemmerer, WY 83101
Phone: (307)877-9056
Fax: (307)828-9495
Toll Free: (800)442-9001
Hours: 8AM-5PM M-F





Lincoln County AssessorDebbie Larson(307)877-2030
Deputy AssessorJoyce Whittaker(307)877-2032
Data SpecialistMonica Hunzie(307)877-2031
Mapping Technician
Address Changes
Jason Rosas(307)877-2033
South Lincoln Field AppraiserVean Taylor-Beutler(307)877-2034
North Lincoln Field AppraiserKathy Heiss(307)885-4736
North Lincoln Field AppraiserCinta Roberts(307)885-4735

Regular Review Schedule

(does not apply to Building Permits or sale reviews)

If you wish to be present please contact the Field Appraiser in your area:

If an appointment is not requested, the property will be reviewed and a door knocker will be left.