Lincoln County Assessor's Office - Veteran's Exemption

The State of Wyoming allows a Veteran’s Exemption on Property Taxes. The exemption allows for a $3,000.00 reduction in assessed value with no maximum. Eligibility is based on the following:

You must be a Wyoming resident, currently and for the past three years. You must be an Honorably Discharged Veteran or widow of a qualifying Veteran that served within on the specified time periods listed below. If you are currently using the Veteran’s Exemption for property tax, you will need to contact our office either by phone, e-mail or mail to request the exemption for the current year assessments. If you do not request the exemption by one of these methods by the 4th Monday in May, you will not be able to have the exemption for the current year assessments. If you are qualifying for the first time, you will need to have all the necessary documents into our office by the 4th Monday in May. Documents received after this date will be used for the following year.

For Vehicle Registration use, there is not a deadline; however, the credit is applied yearly January 1 – December 31. The notarized form and all documentation must be filed with the Assessor’s Office prior to utilizing the exemption in the Treasurer’s Office.

Along with the completed and notarized Veteran’s Exemption Form, our office also requires your submission of the following:

The Veteran’s Exemption Form is available in our office locations or in downloadable format here:

Veteran's Exemption Form