Lincoln County Landfills - Rates


Fees and Rates

Gate Fees

LocationGate FeeReduced-Fee Days
(effective Aug 1, 2016)
Thayne$10$5 on Saturdays (7:30AM to 10:00AM)
and Mondays (8:00AM to 12:00PM)
Kemmerer and Cokeville$10$0 on first Saturday of each month

Disposal Rates

MSW $/tonC&D $/tonC&D or MSW
40 gallon bags or cans;
5 trip limit
Kemmerer Landfill$100$100$3 per bag or can
Cokeville Landfill$105$105$3 per bag or can
Thayne Landfill$115$115$3 per bag or can
Petroleum Contaminated Soil:
Non-Friable Asbestos:
Treated Wood (pressure treated, CCA, ACZA or similar treatments; does not include ties used for landscaping purposes)
Clean Fill:
Disposal of appliances with refrigerant: (waived only if professional certificate of removal is provided)

No charge in addition to gate fee for:

**Due to the depressed market for commodity recyclables, recycling of cardboard, aluminum cans, magazines, newspapers, office pack, tin cans and glass bottles has been suspended.**

Items MUST be sorted – please ask questions at the scales as you enter or of landfill employees if you are not sure where things should go. Some sorting requirements are to protect the equipment from damage and others are required by DEQ (Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality and they have the authority to levy large fines on the county). Improper sorting fees range from $20 per item to $240/ton additional on the entire load. Staff may charge a $75 fee and require reloading and removal of an unsorted load.

To avoid $20 fee, TARP your load unless it is in an ENCLOSED trailer or vehicle!