Lincoln County Office of Planning & Engineering - Maps/GIS


Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln County GIS is to identify, gather, and process spatial information about activities within Lincoln County to then produce accurate, reliable, up-to-date maps and information. The staff strives to meet the needs of every department, thus ensuring the diversity of the GIS.


Lincoln County began the use of GIS in the mid-1990s and aside from the Parcels (Ownership) layer has always been housed within the Planning Department. The Assessor's office has maintained the Parcels layer so as to mirror the taxation database. Along with assistance to the Planning Office, the GIS has been utilized by various offices and departments of Lincoln County including the Lincoln County Commissioners, County Clerk's office for voting and Census, Lincoln County's Office of Homeland Security for E-911 services, County Treasurer, Weed and Pest, County Engineer, Road and Bridge, Landfill, and many others.

Services to the Public

Interactive Maps

Official Recorded Survey Plats

Comprehensive Plan Maps

Road Maps

All road maps are current as of the date printed on the map.  Each map is 11"x17".  These maps are meant to be very basic and are for informational purposes only.  If you need a more up-to-date map, please see map requests below.

Official Zoning Maps

Lower Valley Map
Lower Valley
Upper Valley Map
Upper Valley
South County Map
South County

Map & GIS Data Requests

Download the Disclaimer & Restrictions of GIS Data

All maps prepared by Lincoln County GIS use the best available information. These maps are for informational purposes only and should not be used to determine precise property boundary lines and road locations. These maps shall not be construed to be an official survey of any properties that may be depicted. Any usage of actually GIS data must conform with the Disclaimer & Restrictions of the Lincoln County GIS data.

Fees adopted by Board of County Commissioners

To request a printed copy of the above maps, other maps of Lincoln County, or Lincoln County GIS data, please review the above Disclaimer and Restrictions and Fees then contact:

Destry Dearden, GISP
GIS Coordinator
520 Topaz St. Suite 109
Kemmerer, WY 83101
(307)877-9056 x2102