Lincoln County - Public Records Web Service

Please understand that the records available online are scanned copies of the original public records filed at the County Clerk's office in the Lincoln County Courthouse at 925 Sage Avenue in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Because the documents must be scanned before being made available online not all public records are currently available online. We are continually working on making more and more public records available online as time and resources permit.

iDoc System Requirements

To utilize this system, the following requirements must be met:

To obtain a username and password for the system, fill out the PUBLIC ACCESS FORM and submit it to the Lincoln County Clerk's Office.


We are aware of problems viewing maps in the iDoc system. We are currently working with the developers to improve the system. We apologize for any inconvenience. For best resolution, we recommend downloading maps in TIFF format at this time.

There is a Help Guide for Windows users to create a pdf of a map using Foxit.

Mac Users should be able to open TIFF files natively in the Preview app that comes pre-installed on your Mac. From there, you can save to PDF if desired.

If you cannot find the correct map, contact the Clerk's office at (307)877-9056.

If web services are not working, notify our IT Department.


Leaving the Public Records window idling can use up the few licenses we have, denying access to other users. Please click the "LOGOUT" link when you are done.

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