Lincoln County - Public Records Web Service

Please understand that the records available online are scanned copies of the original public records filed at the County Clerk's office in the Lincoln County Courthouse at 925 Sage Avenue in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Because the documents must be scanned before being made available online not all public records are currently available online. We are continually working on making more and more public records available online as time and resources permit.

New iDoc Market
iDoc Market has replaced our legacy iDoc public records service. Current iDoc users will need to sign up for the new service before they can access the scanned records.

iDoc Market - First Time Users

  • Visit iDoc Market
  • Click on Get Started
  • Choose Wyoming on the left and then pick Lincoln, WY
  • Choose the subscription that you would like to begin with
  • Fill out user information (name, email, password)
  • Accept iDoc Market Terms
  • Add Payment Information
  • Agree to County's Terms
  • Use iDoc Market to find desired records
  • If desired, save documents to PDF (link to help document)

If you cannot find the correct map, contact the Clerk's office at (307)877-9056.

If web services are not working, notify our IT Department.


iDoc Market Public Records System

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(Legacy service - Contains recorded documents prior to Jan. 2015)