Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) are systems in place for the mass-notification of the public during an emergency. Notifications can include a wide variety of emergencies, from Amber Alerts to hazardous materials incidents.

Local Systems

The CodeRED notification system allows for public notification by phone, email, and text message. Notifications can be initiated by lists or based on geographic location. All landline information is automatically updated annually. If you would like notifications by cell phone, text, or email, you must fill out this online form. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

facebookSocial Media
Social media has become ubiquitous in society today. Because of its wide use and ease of access, it has become a great way to notify the public of events and other information during time of disaster. During large emergencies, local government websites can be quickly overwhelmed by users trying to find information about the event. This can overload the servers, and make the sites inaccessible. Social media sites, however, are able to handle much more traffic, and have a much better chance of being accessible during the event. During the flooding event of 2011, we used our Facebook page to post updates and press releases each day of our response.

State/Federal Systems

PublicAlertLogoPublic Alert Weather Radio
A resource that many overlook is the National Weather Service Public Alert System. Most people know that the National Weather Service sends alerts to warn of potential weather emergencies. This is not, however, the only function. At the request of emergency managers, law enforcement and select public safety organizations, NWS will use the system to broadcast other emergency messages. These include Amber Alerts, boil orders, flood warnings, and more. Weather radios that display the Public Alert logo can lie dormant until activated by an alert on the system.

Wireless Emergency Alerts
The WEA system utilizes newer smartphones and network devices to broadcast notifications within a geographic area. This only works on devices that have been manufactured in the last few years. FEMA has a page with a list of Frequently Asked Questions.