We offer month to month breast pump rentals to breastfeeding moms as well as breastfeeding education provided by certified Lactation Consultants. Our pumps are Medela brand hospital grade electric pumps. We also sell the electric double pumping kits complete with all the tubing, membranes, bottles and caps, piston and breast shields needed to run the Medela pumps. If an electric pump is not what you’re looking for, we also offer the Avent Isis manual pumps. Both pumps can be billed to Medicaid and if your insurance covers pump rentals, bring your card and we can bill them for you. Our monthly rental costs are $45 (with a one time fee of $25 if you are also purchasing the pump kit). If you’re on Medicaid, just bring your card in and the contact information for your doctor and we take care of the billing for you. Medicaid will pay for up to 3 months of pump rental and the kit if it is a medically necessary rental.

Our nurses, certified lactation consultants, are also available to help you with any breastfeeding issues and questions you may have. We have nipple shields on hand as well, if you need them.

left, the Avent Isis hand pump. right, Medela brand hospital grade electric pump