The CSH program is for children with special healthcare needs requiring something beyond routine and basic care. The goal is to help your child receive the best possible medical care. CSH provides financial assistance for special medical care and coordination of care.


CSH graphic 
To qualify for CSH, your child must be a Wyoming resident under age 19 who has one of the medically eligible conditions (such as a chronic illness or disability) and who meets financial eligibility. Your child can have insurance, Kid Care CHIP or Medicaid.
Covered services include:
  • Care coordination
  • specialty medical care
  • some equipment and medications
  • Lab/X rays related to diagnosis
  • Support services
  • Diagnostic evaluation to determine diagnosis
CSH pays for specialty medical care related to the approved condition/diagnosis. There is up to $40,000 maximum annual coverage.

 Public Health nurses are available to help parents find resources and coordinate services. We can help you find a “medical home,” identify problems and solutions, learn about your child’s medical condition, receive important services as close to home as possible, learn special medical techniques for your child, get support in times of stress and crisis, advocate for your child, and work with your child’s team of professionals.
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If you think you may qualify, please contact our office to speak with our nurses who can give you information about the program and what it can do for you and how to apply.