COVID-19 Vaccine 

Please visit the link to our COVID-19 Information page here

All current case counts in lincoln county are updated once week and can be obtained by visiting the WYOMING Department of Health CoVID 19 Website. There you will find statewide, county by county breakdown of total cases, recoveries, deaths, and hospital capacity information.

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isolation & Quarantine Document Requests

In order to expedite the access to Isolation & Quarantine documentation needed for employers & schools, the Wyoming Department of Health has created online documentation requests.

If you have tested positive and need your ISOLATION ORDERS, please visit this link to request them.

If you are a close contact/household contact to a positive case and need your QUARANTINE ORDERS, please visit this link to request them.

Please visit the Wyoming Department of Health's website for general covid-19 information.

hotlines & emails 

Do you have questions on COVID 19? Please email the Wyoming Department of Health: or Public Health at  

Phone Numbers

  • Wyoming 211 and the Wyoming Department of Health are partnering to provide a public telephone helpline for COVID 19 questions and information. By dialing 211 from anywhere in the state of Wyoming people c an receive information about COVID 19 and local resources. The line is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Dial either 211 or 888-425-7138 during those business hours. 
  • Star Valley Health COVID19 automated information hotline: 307-885-5007
  • Star Valley Health Live Support line open 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you want to contact a live person to talk about symptoms, please call 307-885-5008.  
  • South Lincoln Medical Center has set up a symptom hot line: 307-800-8719
  • Lincoln County Public Health in Afton: 307-885-9598 or to contact the Kemmerer office: 307-877-3780 
  • 1-877-720-5721 is the national reporting hotline for people encountering fraud related to COVID-19.

  • The Wyoming Department of Health has a consistently updated COVID 19 website with all of the latest Wyoming related information and recommendations as well as current and past official Wyoming Department of Health press releases on COVID 19. 
  • All our current recommendations come from the Centers for Disease Control. Please visit their official COVID 19 website.
  •  South Lincoln Medical Center updates their Facebook page regularly. If you are ill and are requesting an appointment please call ahead - do not simply show up at the hospital if you are actively ill.  If you are experiencing cough, sore throat, fever, body aches and fatigue, please call their symptom hot line. 
  • Sterling Urgent Care has an information page related to COVID-19 and their services, including the availability of Telemedicine visits. 
  • Public  Health posts information as soon as it is available on this website and also on our Facebook page. Public Health will also share relevant posts from local agencies and businesses as often as possible via the Facebook page.  
  • Lincoln County Homeland Security & Emergency Management are also providing constantly updated information on their Facebook page.

    Public Health has created a Facts versus Fiction website regarding face coverings. Please take a look at it here!

    The best thing one can do is stay informed by visiting any of the websites linked above for accurate, up to date information and follow the CDC recommended precautionary measures for

current covid19 related news

  • free at home covid19 testing is available to wyoming residents. visit wdh for more information.

testing information

  • The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory began testing for COVID 19 on March 5, 2020.  Any testing must be coordinated through a healthcare provider.
  • Contact Star Valley Health at 885-5700 to coordinate testing. 
  • Contact South Lincoln Hospital District at 307-800-8719 to coordinate testing. 
  • Contact Sterling Urgent Care at 307-885-3637 to coordinate testing. 
  • At home PCR testing kits are available from Vault Health's website. The fee for these test kits are waived when you enter a Wyoming address.  More information about the at home testing can be found at the Wyoming Department of Health's website.

    At this time Public Health offices are not conducting testing. Testing must be done through your healthcare provider. 

 For Basic information on COVID-19 (i.e. what it is, how it spreads, how to protect yourself and others, etc.) please visit the Centers for Disease Control's FAQ page located here.