Lincoln County Public Health now offers free HIV rapid testing and $20 STD (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea) testing alongside counseling to provide you with information on sexually transmitted diseases, their symptoms, and how to protect yourself. We encourage you to get tested and be sure of your status. Testing and counseling is entirely confidential and performed by a qualified public health nurse.

To get a voucher for a free HIV test, visit Knowyo’s website, enter your zip code, print the voucher code, and bring it in to the Public Health office. You can also obtain the voucher code in our office at the time of your appointment. If you opt to receive testing beyond HIV, there will be a $20 administration cost for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing. Hepatitis C titers are $20. Hepatitis B titers are $45. also has information on sexually transmitted diseases and statistics for Wyoming. 


Inform yourself and get tested! 
  Public Health also offers free condoms in a condom dispenser located right outside our office door.