The Wyoming Department of Health Maternal & Family Health program seeks to assess, monitor and improve the health and well being of all mothers, infants, children and adolescents as well as children and youth with special health needs. The services are community and family centered and include such programs as Best Beginnings, Maternal High Risk, Newborn Intensive Care, Child & Adolescent Health Programs, and Children’s Special Health.

Best Beginnings for Wyoming Children

The Best Beginnings program offers pregnancy education, support, and health promotion including: 
  •  Assistance in completing applications to access healthcare 
  • Prenatal classes
  • Smoking cessation, referral and support 
  • Home visits during pregnancy and after delivery by a Public Health nurse 
  • Breastfeeding education and support by nurses who are also Certified Lactation Counselors 
  • Parenting classes and support groups 
  • Referrals to appropriate resources available in the community
Best Beginnings can help you have a healthy pregnancy and prepare you to become a parent. If you are pregnant and interested in these services, please call us. We have a knowledgeable staff dedicated  to providing you with all the education and assistance you need. 

Presumptive Eligibility/Medicaid
Our Public Health nurses have the ability to assist pregnant women in signing up for the Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women program. This is a Medicaid option designed to improve pregnant women’s access to outpatient services while their eligibility to Medicaid is determined. We can also assist you in the application process for Medicaid.

Welcome Home Visits
Our Public Health nurses are available to visit with you either in your home or our offices at your convenience with some free gifts for you and your new baby as well as with education for both new and experienced moms. If you are interested in a Welcome Home Visit, give us a call at 885-9598. We’d love to provide you with fun and useful “welcome baby” gifts and answer any questions you may have.

Wyoming State Health Priorities


Decrease Infant Mortality

¨ Reduce the percentage of women who smoke during pregnancy

¨ Support behaviors and environments that encourage initiation and extend duration of breastfeeding

¨ Reduce the rate of teen births

¨ Reduce the rate of unintentional injury…specifically safe sleep

¨ Promote healthy nutrition among women of reproductive age: folic acid and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy

Decrease Obesity

¨ Promote healthy nutrition among women of reproductive age

¨ Support behaviors and environments that encourage initiation and extend duration of breastfeeding

¨ Promote healthy nutrition and physical activity among children and adolescents

Prevent Injury

¨ Reduce the rate of unintentional injury among children and adolescents

¨ Design and implement initiatives that address interpersonal violence (IPV)

 Promote Healthy Outcomes Within CSH Population

¨ Build and strengthen capacity to collect, analyze, and report on data for children and youth with special health care needs

¨ Build and strengthen services for successful transitions for children and youth with special health care needs