Lincoln County Public Health is a participant in the Wyoming Medication Donation Program. This program aims to reduce medication waste and improve prescription access for low-income Wyoming residents who lack adequate prescription coverage by re-dispensing acceptable donated medications.

The program accepts:

*Sealed and in date prescription and over-the-counter medications
*Sealed and in date creams, ointments, inhalers, patches, injectables
*Unused medical supplies (diabetes test strips, ostomy & wound care supplies, etc.)

How to Donate Medications: 

Step 1. Collect all unused medication.  Remove or mark out patient identifying information (name, address, phone number, and prescription number).  Be sure to leave the drug name on the container!

Step 2.  Review the categories of acceptable medications above to be sure your items may be donated for re-dispensing.  Please call 1-855-257-5041 if you have questions.  Unacceptable donations will be incinerated.  We cannot dispose controlled substances!  Dispose at home or at a Drug Drop Box located at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office.

Step 3.  Complete a Donor Form. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Public Donor Form or the Facility Donor Form.

Step 4.   Donate to Lincoln County Public Health at either the Afton or Kemmerer locations.

OR mail to………. Wyoming Medication Donation Program
2508 E. Fox Farm Rd, Suite 2A
Cheyenne, WY 82007

If you are in need of prescription medication assistance, you may be eligible to receive donated medications from the Wyoming Medication Donation Program.

In order to receive assistance from the WMDP, patients must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements…

1.  Wyoming Resident

2.  Limited resources to purchase prescription medications, as determined by the Dispensing Site.
Generally, eligibility requirements are:

  • Low-Income (200% Federal Poverty Level or below).
    Click here for the current poverty guidelines
  • No Prescription Insurance
  • Contact the your local Dispensing site for details

3.  A current prescribing physician/practitioner prescription is required

**  Each recipient must sign a release form stating that they understand the immunity provisions
of the program and acknowledge that the medication was originally dispensed to another patient
and has been donated to the WY Medication Donation Program for re-dispensing **

Visit the Medication Donation Program official site to download an application packet or for more information on how the assistance portion of the program works.