Detention is also divided into two areas.  This is due to the large geographical area.  The main detention facility is located in the County Seat of Kemmerer.  It can house up to 85 inmates at a time.  We currently have 10 Detention Officers and 3 supervisors at the Main Detention Center to run and maintain the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There is 1 detention deputy at the Afton Division holding facility.  The Afton facility will hold up to 5 inmates at a time, however, we can only hold them at this facility up to 24 hours then they are transported to the main jail in Kemmerer.  

Duties include:  Main care and custody of inmates.  Maintain safety and security with inmates. Transport inmates to and from court.  Pick up and transport inmates to and from other agencies.  Handle medical concerns for inmates.

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Contact: 307-877-2169

LT Jodie King        
Sgt Lynne Rodgers
Sgt Jorgen Hansen
Sgt Ashley Taylor