Vin Inspections are a comparison of a vehicle identification number to ownership paperwork. 

Vin Inspections are only required when the vehicle is purchased out of state of Wyoming. 
Vehicles  that will NOT need a vin inspection are vehicles that have had a Wyoming Title, currently licensed in Wyoming,  purchased from a Wyoming dealership or the vehicle is brand new and has a Certificate of Origin.  

Vin inspections are done at the offices Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  
Kemmerer Office is located at 1040 Justice Center Dr.
Kemmerer, Wyoming   Contact is 307-877-2152
Afton Office is located at 421 Jefferson #301
Afton, Wyoming  Contact is 307-885-4940 

If it is not possible for the vehicle to be brought down to the office, Dispatch can take your information and a Deputy can respond to where the vehicle is.  However, we are unable to promise a date or time for the Deputy to respond due to the response to emergent calls.  

Kemmerer Dispatch 307-877-3971
Afton Dispatch 307-885-5231