Marriage Licenses
This is an application process to be completed by the prospective bride and groom. No blood tests are needed but we do require identification and the fee for the license is $30.00. You can obtain your license at the Courthouse in Kemmerer (925 Sage) or at the Branch Office in Afton (421 Jefferson Street). To obtain a certified copy of a marriage license, there is a $5 fee and the request must be made to the Courthouse in Kemmerer.

Liquor Licenses
This is an application process. Currently there are available Retail Liquor Licenses, Restaurant Liquor Licenses, and Malt Beverage Permits. There are no Retail or Malt Beverage Licenses available in the Alpine area unless your establishment is 5 miles or more beyond their city limits. Interested applicants should contact the Planning and Zoning office to make sure the area their establishment will be located in is zoned for this type of business. Please contact the County Clerk for additional information.