Any Deed that conveys land must have a Statement of Consideration Form filled out and returned with the Deed. This form is for the Assessor's Office and is not recorded. This form must be filled out in DUPLICATE.



Recording charges for any instrument - first page

Each additional page



Bond oath AND notary public commission - first page
Each additional page    

The notary public commission certificate is sent directly to our office and is one page ($12).  Then, you will need to add an additional $3 per every page of your bond to calculate your  total filing fee.  For example, if your bond is 2 sided, that is an additional $6 in fees for a  grand total of $18.00.  Please call our office if you are unsure of the fee to avoid a delay in  recording.                                                                                                                                                      

$   3.00

Military discharge and separation papers

No Fee

Marriage License


Marriage License - Certified Copy


Additional recording charge for any instrument with more than five (5) grantors or grantees of a different surname - each additional name


Additional recording charge for each section, block, lot, or tract description in excess of ten (10)


Survey plats


Subdivision plats


Corner record or certificate


Any instrument containing more than two (2) real estate descriptions by book and page only - each additional description


State/Federal Tax Liens


  E-Recording Vendors: 
 CSC  Indecomm Global Services