Being selected for jury service is one of the most important civic obligations there is.  Each year the Wyoming Supreme Court receives a randomized list of county residents that have been selected as the jury pool.  This list is divided into two six month terms, running from the May to November and November to May.  However, that does not mean that perspective jurors need to be available every day.  If you are selected you will be notified if and when you need to appear for a specific jury trial.  Prior to this members of jury pool will be sent out questionnaires that are REQUIRED to be completed and returned to the Clerk of District Court within 10 days.  If for any reason someone is unable to serve on a selected trial, an Affidavit for Jury Excuse can be submitted.  All excusals must be approved by the District Court Judge.  If selected to serve, most jury trials last 3-5 days and reimbursement is available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In accordance to the Wyoming State Statute Lincoln County supplies the following compensation:

Amount of Fees - Jurors shall receive $30.00 for each full day of attendance and $15.00 for half days.
Mileage Rate – For each mile traveled in going to and returning from the place of trial that exceeds 5 miles jurors will receive a rate of $0.52 per mile as set by W.S. 9-3-103.

Given that jurors may have to travel quite far, Lincoln County has in some cases elected to provide motel rooms when necessary.

In accordance with the Wyoming State Statutes, the following stipulations can result in excusal from service:

  1. The person a salaried or full time active member of an organized fire department, police department or law enforcement agency.
  2. The person is an elected official.
  3. The person is an incompetent person.
  4. The person is a Wyoming National Guardsman.
  5. The person is a licensed embalmer.
  6. The person is over the age of 72.
  7. The care of his/her children requires their presence.
  8. The person has already served on a jury in this Court in the previous two years.

If you have any questions throughout this process please feel free to call the Clerk of District Court Office at (307) 877-2051.

Affidavit for Jury Excusal