The Lincoln County Commissioners recognized five employees for their years of service.   At the February 6th meeting, Deb Allred and Jessica Yarber received their 5 year certificate from the Commissioners.  Deb Allred, Office Specialist, works at the Clerk's/Treasurer's Office in Afton. Jessica Yarber is also an Office Specialist located at the Treasurer's Office in Kemmerer.  During the March 6th Commission meeting Vean Taylor-Beutler and Jason Rosas received their 20 year certificate. Vean is a Field Appraiser and Jason is a Mapping Technician in the Assessor's Office in Kemmerer.  Receiving her 25 years of service certificate was Heidi Beachler. Heidi works in the County Clerk's Office in Kemmerer as an Assistant Clerk. Congratulations Deb, Jessica, Vean, Jason and Heidi we appreciate all you do for Lincoln County!